The Earth not only moves through space as it orbits the sun but also through time. No two orbits ever end up in the exact same spot. As the Earth returns it is in another place in time, at a different set of coordinates. It is this movement through time that we notice most, as we age, rather than the spinning through space, which counter-intuitively we don’t feel at all.

We know the movement through space to be true because the laws of physics tell us it is, but we know the movement through time to be true because we physically experience it through the passing of each second, minute, hour, week, month and year. Clock time even conveniently tracks it for us.

The truth we are experiencing is that as each moment passes it is gone.

Time has moved on, or rather we have moved forward through the fabric of time. What does this mean for us? What does this mean for you, or indeed me? The scary reality that whatever we do, one day everyone we know will die. We are mere mortals.


My first conscious experience, or acknowledgement, that time moves us on regardless was after the death of my first serious boyfriend. The first person who told me he loved me, and the first person I told I loved.

And then he was killed in a road accident and I knew what it meant to miss a single moment, and many single moments. No matter how hard I cried all of these single moments in time were gone.

I kept a t-shirt of his, unwashed, to try and go back there through my olfactory senses. Trying to taste and feel what was now past. I slept with a photograph of him that I had taken, the only picture of him I ever took. He is looking directly at the camera in this photograph, and so for that moment he is looking straight at me. I wanted to believe that through the picture that gaze would live on. That he would always be looking at me and so the moment would never pass. I was stuck here for a long time, grieving what I had lost, both the man and all those moments.

I lacked presence, and I was lost.


Working through grief I became aware that you can never be stuck if you are present. Presence is prescient. Or more truthfully when we are present we have the foresight to experience the stream of both external and internal stimuli as they occur. In other words we live our lives - acknowledging, sensing, feeling and leaning into each moment. We know this viscerally when we are present. We are aware of the act of just being.

Being present teaches us that whatever the condition of our minds or our bodies if we are breathing there is more right with us than wrong.

We are all here, so let’s be here now. Present in the present.


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