Everyone, man or woman, possesses masculine and feminine energies. The masculine and the feminine don't need to correspond to the male and the female. For the purposes of this blog I would like to see masculinity as direct and decisive, and femininity as spacious and sensitive.

The masculine and the feminine are both powerful energies which we all need to access at different times and for different purposes. There is no hierarchy. There is no need to suppress one in favour of embodying the other. They can and do exist in equal measure, and with equal authenticity, within all of us. We are all equal parts masculine and feminine.

The masculine and feminine are not binary in the way our DNA may imply that gender could be. The masculine and feminine are in flow, or at least should be. Somehow our Western Corporate Society has placed a higher value on the masculine. It has become almost unacceptable for men to access their feminine energies.

To achieve 'success' women have had to channel the masculine at the expense of the feminine. We only have to look at Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May to see the truth in this statement.


We assume that to show up vulnerable is to show up weak. Or that to be receptive is to be easily led. Men just don’t behave in these ways. And more and more women don’t, or shouldn't, either.

When we make ourselves vulnerable we are encouraged to feel shame and forced to apologise for the honesty we have offered out or demonstrated.

I am not sorry.

My blog is all about me owning my truth and showing up vulnerable. It is about finding my voice authentically. Not a brand that represents what I want you to see but a form of expression that is uniquely mine.

It is important to me that my voice goes beyond me and that my truth holds something of the universal. That it reflects the external world.


I want to model a more mindful masculinity that embraces the spaciousness and sensitivity of the feminine. I want to be these energies because I want to see these energies in the world more. I want to show others that it is not just ok to make ourselves vulnerable, it is essential. Men must start to diversify. It is not about being gay or straight. It is not even about being a man, a woman, trans or non-binary.

The masculine is like an arrow, it is to the point and forceful. It’s achievements are tangible and probably quantifiable. The feminine offers the chance to collaborate, to build from each other in positive ways, creating a process which comes with no strict agenda but rather grows collectively. We need more of this energy in our Leaders. Political, Business and Community.

Men need to access a clean healthy masculinity, not one which is pent up and explodes under pressure into controlling and aggressive behaviours. The balance needs to be redressed.


One possible first step is for us conscious men, men who understand that we are at choice, to choose to model the feminine out in the world. By evoking the feminine energy in our outward behaviours we model this for other men. We give other men permission to do the same. We become the change we want to see in the world. We imbue the feminine with its real power, not at the expense of the masculine, but rather in collaboration.

Let’s build an understanding of the non-binary essence of masculine and feminine energies.

Let’s stop the misunderstanding between the male and the masculine and the female and the feminine.

Let’s aim to become the diverse creatures that humans naturally are.

Women too must embrace the feminine. As I have written before, the opposite of patriarchy is not matriarchy. Matriarchy just creates a new authoritative hierarchy.

Fraternity, community, collectivity. These are the places from which equality, acceptance, diversity and truth grow.

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