Co-Active coaching is transformative.

Co-Active is not just about creating plans or setting goals, it is literally about taking the next leap that will propel you to a new level of your life. Real change is always transformative.

Co-Active coaching is a holistic approach to someone’s whole life, the whole person that they are. Co-Active coaching works with all parts of who you are in an integrated way.

Co-Active coaches have the ability to see their clients, holding their client’s transformation in such a way that they won't let their clients slide back into old habits and old patterns. Co-Active coaches keep their clients moving forward and growing into the live that their clients want for themselves.



I coach my clients to create intimate connections to themselves; their communities; and the more than human world, for the sake of raising the bar on empathetic responsible leadership.

I am at once tender and provocative - co-creating an open, unattached and empowered coaching relationship. I work in partnership with my clients, enabling them to deepen their own self-awareness and take purposeful action from this deepened sense of self.

I start all of my coaching programmes and packages with a two hour storytelling session. This is an opportunity for my clients to speak to their origin stories. In this session I co-design and co-create a sacred space for the coaching relationship to thrive. Stories are the foundational building blocks of the past that have led to this present. The empowered coaching relationship embraces storytelling so that we are all able to at once navigate and narrate our futures as they emerges. 


As a Co-Active Coach I am not about fixing people; what I am about is being with people where they are and holding an empathetic space for people to do their own work.

My coaching offer includes:

  • An initial two hour storytelling discovery session*

  • Fortnightly hour long coaching sessions**

  • Unlimited email and text support

  • Ongoing support throughout our partnership

  • Both long and short term packages tailored to suit your needs

*Discovery session will take place in person where possible.

**Coaching sessions will be hosted on Zoom using audio functionality, or in person where possible


Please contact me to arrange a free one hour sample session. My fees are available on request.