“Cahit is an awesome coach, I’d recommend him to anyone looking for change and self-discovery. His unique coaching style provides such a safe and calm space for clients to explore what’s beneath the surface. You will feel supported and championed throughout your coaching relationship and more importantly, held to account. What I personally love about Cahit’s coaching is that he takes no prisoners and sees straight through my negative self-talk. His ability to phrase powerful questions and to be inquisitive about everything will stop you in your tracks and take you to a deeper level of learning. Thank you Cahit.”


“I have been working with Cahit at a time of major change and huge personal development in my life.  It has been challenging and so rewarding. I never realised just how much I was holding myself back until we started coaching.  Cahit has made me recognise that I need to give myself breathing space and permission to be imperfect in order to move forward.

At first I didn’t understand how this could work, but with Cahit’s compassionate, challenging and provocative approach, somehow I’m tackling things head on, instead of procrastinating and self doubting.  Cahit holds me accountable and I feel like I have an ally in everything I’m trying to do and everything I’m trying to be. It’s supportive and very empowering.

Coaching with Cahit has honestly made me feel like I am getting out of my own way and making things happen for me.”


“I love being coached by Cahit and we have developed into a strong and effective coaching team. I looked to find a coach who possessed qualities I wanted to see more of in myself and in Cahit I see many of these. He is kind, powerful, fun, professional, interested, a storyteller, compassionate, vulnerable, supportive and he takes me to places that I could not go by myself. He enables me to perform in my life with greater consciousness so I can choose to bring about significant and exciting changes. I can’t thank him enough.”


“I have been coached by Cahit for 2 months. Our sessions are powerful, poignant, intimate, challenging and always fun. He pushes me to be my best self and holds my goals and desires very sacred. He encouraged me to be open and as honest with him and more importantly myself. There is only ever understanding and commitment from him. I am a coach myself and he not only guides me to be my best self, he also teaches me how to be a better coach. I cannot thank him enough for his hard work and dedication to me. I count down the days to every single session.”


"Cahit has been my coach through some turbulent times of re-defining myself, building a business and starting a family. He’s been great in holding the space for me to go through troughs, emotional times and sometimes even break-downs. He’s been equally great in holding up my sail when I was on top of the wave - pushing me to take myself further than I would have done by myself. Every session with Cahit is a safe place to dive into feelings, topics, tasks and dreams that I would shy away from or only skim over superficially by myself. Cahit’s sensitivity and light-hearted persistence make him a wonderful coach to work with and to trust in."


"Somebody recommended talking to Cahit at the darkest moment of my life so far. Cahit gave me the calm and compassion that I was not able to give myself, brought perspective and challenge me, putting me again in contact with the resources I forgot I had, which will be so key in the future.Just talking to Cahit had an immediate soothing effect, but he provides much more than that! "


"Working with Cahit was an enlightening and productive process. The coaching sessions with him led me down paths of creativity which were both unexpected and rewarding. We used ‘guided imagining’ and mindfulness to help me access the creative process as well as journaling and more directed tasks. Before the sessions began I was apprehensive about speaking on the phone for an hour with someone I had not met, but Cahit’s warm and calming manner soon turned our sessions into something I would look forward to. He made it easy to explore thoughts and feelings as if I was talking to a close friend. His questioning and suggestions encouraged me to think about my attitude to being creative and led to the breaking down of long-standing barriers to writing."


"After 25 years in the same industry and 15 years in the same company, I took the bold move and sold my stake without much of a plan as to what to do next - I just knew that I needed a change. A friend referred me to Cahit and so began a new journey! Weekly calls and homework in between encouraged guided introspection that allowed me to explore many aspects of my life. As a result, I have now started my own business with a friend - one which delivers against my key values. I now feel reinvigorated and more excited than I have done for several years. Thanks Cahit!"